t. a. Ladd

Pastor t. a. ladd

~Pastor T.A. Ladd is appointed and anointed by God to deliver a prophetic, dynamic, and strategic message of deliverance and resurrection to those souls that God assigned from the beginning. Pastor Ladd’s divine assignment was delivered by God one evening in the spring of 2006, as the Spirit completely veiled him and communicated what was to come. The divine encounter was sealed when the Spirit directed Pastor Ladd to open up his bible; upon opening the Word, Matthew 4:19 was immediately revealed: “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” After serving 11 years as an active duty Marine, Pastor Ladd was spiritually compelled to exit the military in order to pursue the purpose God had blessed him with, and was honorably discharged early 2007. For the next several years the Spirit strategically moved Pastor Ladd through several dynamic ministries where he was groomed and equipped for the work that God had already ordered. During the spring of 2010, Pastor Ladd was licensed a minister of the Gospel under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Terry Johns, of Greater New Faith Ministries, Pomona, Ca. Later that spring of 2010, Pastor Ladd founded T.A. Ladd Ministries, Inc in Las Vegas, NV with the inspiration and intention of God to create an organization destined to spiritually impact the international community. The first church of T.A. Ladd Ministries, Inc was planted that summer, and was coined Anointed Faith Ministries (AFM). Later that summer of 2010, Pastor Ladd was ordained an Elder by the hand of Bishop T. Johns, and officially assumed the role as Pastor of AFM Church. Pastor T.A. Ladd’s purpose is God manifested, Christ centered, and Spirit driven. He delivers Gods magnanimous Word in such a prolific way that the Lord’s children not only receive the Word, but develop the proclivity to retain and apply the Word to their lives consistently. “Faith Blessed”